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The Kazi Rich Overseas(RL-1333),The best worldwide travel services.
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Travel agent helps their clients make travel plans. In addition to booking reservations, and to assist customers in choosing their destination, transportation, and lodging and inform travelers of passport and visa requirements, rates of currency exchange.We are specialized in organizing tours packages

Work activities

  • Designing and developing a tour.
  • Determining an itinerary, arranging for tour escorts.
  • Assisting the overseas tour operating partner company in developing brochure content and marketing programmes.
  • Making travel and accommodation reservations.
  • Offering face to face and telephone advice to customers.
  • Quoting holidays and converting these to bookings.
  • Maximising sales and customer holiday experience by suggesting upgrades.
  • Offering excellent customer service, dealing with complaints in a calm and diplomatic manner.
  • Keeping product and brand knowledge up to date whilst having in-depth knowledge of the company's brochures and destinations.
  • Working to sales targets.